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Splash Drone 3 Auto

Splash Drone 3 Auto
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The Splash drone 3 Auto is the first fully integrated waterproof modular drone.Thanks to it’s new remote controller, with a built-in monitor and the new 2-axis integrated 4K waterproof gimbal camera, it’s super fast to deploy and is the perfect solution to capture stable videos, and gorgeous pictures regardless of whether its over water, in the rain, or any challenging environment.

1. Splash Drone 3 is 100% waterproof, and free of corrosion, in both fresh and salt water.
2. It is able to work in the rain, storms and other rough weather, due to it’s durable body.
3. New waterproof 4K camera, with a 2-axis gimbal improves image sharpness and smoothness, without any extra spending on a costly camera.

4. Splash Drone 3 auto comes with a simple release rig for long line fishing and essential lifesaving equipment delivery, with a max payload up to 1kg.
5. Completely redesigned remote controller with built-in 5” LCD monitor for live video feed, and OSD of flight status.
6. The upgraded S3 flight controller offers a remarkable increase in accuracy of position holding, auto-landing and auto-return home.

7. New pocket-sized ground station enables one key to launch Splash drone, and makes setting up waypoints and follow me flight modes a breeze.
8. New 620kv motors and quick release 1242 carbon fiber propellers for enhanced power.
9. All Splash drone parts fit in a new case, which is smaller and more compact than before.

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