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SplashLight Bioluminescent Water Blaster

SplashLight Bioluminescent Water Blaster
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SplashLight Bioluminescent Water Blaster

Light up your night with the SplashLight, the first bioluminescent water blaster!
The secret is in the ReLumes (the bioluminescent fuel), which makes the water light up. The ReLumes are made with natural bioluminescent proteins, so they are non-toxic and do not stain. Each blast of water from the SplashLight will glow and make your target glow for up to a few minutes. Drench one target in glowing water, or hit as many targets as you can.

The SplashLight not only has the power to fire glowing water. It also is able to blast the water over 12 ft. This is about 4 meters.
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