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SpreadTHAT Diamond-Like Carbon Heated Knife

SpreadTHAT Diamond-Like Carbon Heated Knife
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This is our trademark thermal butter knife, dressed in an impossibly tough synthetic coating unlike anything else on earth. DLC (or “diamond-like carbon,” as it’s called) is so tough, it’s used in race car engines; so safe, it’s used in heart procedures; and so smooth, it’s used for contact surfaces in artificial hips and knees. And yes, it’s 100% food-safe.

SpreadTHAT! DLC is built using the same thermal design principles as the original SpreadTHAT!, and is built to last a lifetime and then some. Comes in obsidian black with a high-gloss finish.

Each SpreadTHAT! DLC is made-to-order. (You didn’t think we had a whole pile of these just sitting around in a warehouse somewhere, did you?) Due to the complex and demanding manufacturing process required for this piece, please allow a one-month lead time on all orders.

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