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Sputnik Lampshade #10 Mono Pink by Julie Lansom

Sputnik Lampshade #10 Mono Pink by Julie Lansom
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The Sputnik Lamp’s mesmerizing shadow amplifies the intricate hand-weaving process employed by up-and-coming, Paris-based multitalent Julie Lansom.When she’s not working as a photographer for hip publications like Vice and Intro Magazine, Lansom creates each Sputnik Lamp by hand in her light, airy Parisian atelier.

Drawing on an innate feeling for color, she carefully selects her palate of cotton yarns, pulling each string taut around a geometric frame until a complex interwoven pattern emerges.Concentrated, laborious, and tricky weaving results in these delicately graphic, semi-transparent lampshades. Whether hanging from the ceiling or standing on the floor, illuminated or not, these gorgeous creations have a serene and subtle allure—and the international style press certainly agrees.

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