Square Off – Kingdom Set

Square Off – Kingdom Set
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Introducing Square Off, the world’s smartest chessboard.

Powered by AI and robotics, Square Off is a one-of-its-kind chessboard that does so much more than your regular board, you will be amazed. 

You can challenge the board’s AI to a match across 20 difficulty levels or play against anyone across the world. As they make their move on the connected app, watch in amazement as the pieces move on their own!

The perfect present, piece of cool tech, and the best gadget for chess lovers, Square Off brings together tradition, technology and a little bit of magic, turning a simple game of chess into something so much more unique. 

In a line – Square Off is the ultimate chessboard. There’s nothing like it. 

Key Features:

Global Connected Play

Analyse Game

20 Difficulty Levels

App Connected


Automated Movement

Challenge Anyone

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