Squirrel Proof LARGE BIRD STOPPER Bird Feeder for Songbirds

Squirrel Proof LARGE BIRD STOPPER Bird Feeder for Songbirds
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Stainless steel squirrel proof bird feeder please note !!!!! This feeder is not a good one for Cardinals and other large birds. It is made to exclude large birds. It can take a few weeks for the songbirds to get accustomed to it. Takes patience. They are a bit leery of it at first. dimensions are 15 inch tall about 10 inch across base a Squirrel proof feeder that stops rodents in their tracks! Also stops the Larger Birds like grackles,starlings etc. from feeding. The inner tank that holds the seeds is further in so they cannot reach. The song birds have no trouble, they fit right through! This feeder is designed to hold about 6 to 8 days supply of black oil sunflower seeds. The dnr claims 95% of song birds prefer black oil sunflower seeds. all surfaces are tapered. they do not hold water so no rotten seeds! as the birds can only get one seed at a time it reduces the mess. my feeders attract birds in the same way that a shiny gazing ball does. they will last many years as sun and weather do not effect them at all. the ones in my yard have lasted 20+ years. These feeders are all metal so the squirrels cannot chew into them to get the seed out or destroy the feeder. We cannot say that on occasion a squirrel wont hang on the feeder and work like crazy to get out a seed. They find it frustrating and way to much work and will generally move on to easier pickings. We have been selling these feeders since 1990 online and at select craft shows. Always have plenty of happy customers!

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