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Triangle Ravioli Former

Triangle Ravioli Former
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Perfectly-sealed ravioli, dumplings, empanadas, potstickers or pierogies with one press of this dumpling maker. Use the base of this ravioli maker to cut dough into exact shape, press dough into mold, add filling and flip one side to close.

Crimped edges seal fillings, creating a dough pocket to easily boil, bake. steam or fry. Also ideal to create small calzones or turnovers. 18/10 stainless-steel. Dishwasher-safe.

Founded in Solingen, Germany in 1923, Kuchenprofi products are the direct result of diligence in design and innovation, dedicated to making the professional kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. Superior, affordable functional tools originally crafted for culinarians, now available for the home gourmet.

Product Features

• Cuts, crimps and seals dough to quickly create raviolis, pierogies or dumplings • Use the base to cut dough into exact portion and press dough into mold
• Add sweet or savory fillings and flip one side to close
• Crimped edges seal in fillings, creating a dough pocket to boil, bake, steam or fry
• Also ideal to make empanadas, potstickers, small calzones or turnovers
• 18/10 stainless-steel is rust- and corrosion resistant
• Kuchenprofi invents kitchen products superior in design and functionality for the professional kitchen and home gourmet

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