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Stair Rover by PoChih Lai

Stair Rover by PoChih Lai
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The Allrover Stair-Rover by PoChih Lai
Stair-Rover is a longboard made to surf the city.Its 8-wheeled chassis is designed for urban terrain and glides down stairs.
Blind bricks, cobbled road, drain, any uneven terrain!Stair-Rovers unique eight-wheeled mechanism makes the board equally at home cruising smooth pavements or gliding down steps. From the curb outside your house to a double flight of stairs, the Stair-Rover scuttles over obstacles with ease.

A ply maple deck with handle for easy carrying
Custom 50 degree aluminum trucks for more turning
Heavy duty and flexible V-frames
Engineering thermoplastic chassis with shock absorbers
8 wheels, 60mm 80a super high rebounce
Weighs just 4 kg / 9 lbs
Length: 80cm | Width: 25cm | Height: 12cm
Footstop is not included

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