Stargazing at Noon by Amanda Torroni Signed Copy Poetry

Stargazing at Noon by Amanda Torroni  Signed Copy  Poetry
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“Stargazing at Noon by Amanda Torroni is charged with flickering, unapologetic undercurrents. The primitive, dreamlike consistency offers a lucid depth that’s both relatable and other-worldly. She talks up close about the distance between us. She writes at the edge of things in a lyrical, unobstructed way that’s both inventive and nostalgic. The dizzying pace and acute awareness reminds me of a meteor shower itself–a rare sensory experience, breath-catching and unforgettable. i was free-falling through these pages. They’ll make anyone wish they understood the mysteries of the past, the ever-expanding universe, the human condition as well as she does.” -Review by Megan Magers The wait is over! The full-length release of Amanda Torroni’s poetry collection Stargazing at Noon is now available worldwide. The copies on this listing will be signed, packaged and sent by the author, and include exclusive postcard prints. “Whether between points of lights in the sky or the freckles on a lovers skin, Amanda Torronis poetry finds the beautiful patterns in the material of life. In this collection, Amanda Torroni expands on her previously published chapbook, Stargazing at Noon, adding over seventy poems and brand-new material. Torroni writes about intimacy, distance, the body, self-doubt, nostalgia, and loveboth lost and found. Her poems weave disparate source material into beautiful metaphor; readers are as likely to find Plato and neurological terminology as they are moonlit lovers and broken hearts.” Copyright 2019 by Amanda Torroni Published by Andrews McMeel Hand lettering by Amanda Crevier

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