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Stark VR Headsets

Stark VR Headsets
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The Optic VR is a simple yet efficient entry-level virtual reality headset that will make you feel sensations you’ve never experienced until now! With no added special features, the Optic VR focuses mainly on offering quality lenses and a comfortable experience! You can improve your virtual headset with these Biconvex Lens set which will improve your virtual experience.

The Retina is a high quality virtual reality headset with many features that will make the experience both pleasant and realistic. In fact, the Retina VR headset really has everything you can ask for when it comes to VR goggles including leather cushions for increased comfort, high-end headphones for an immersive experience, adjustable lenses for HD image and navigation buttons to make it more user friendly. With Stark’s Retina VR headset, try out skydiving, ride roller coasters, travel the world and make all your wildest dreams come true.

The Focus is Stark’s most innovative virtual reality headset. With new and improved features, this VR headset will take your home entertainment to another level. The new extra-comfortable head-band system, the removable high quality headphones, the individually adjustable HD lenses, the navigation button and the added setting for augmented reality place the Focus among the best virtual reality glasses in it’s category. Whether, it is for VR gaming, VR movies, or VR travels, the Focus VR goggles offers endless possibilities!

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