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Steamlight Solo Ceiling Lamp

Steamlight Solo Ceiling Lamp
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It all started with a birthday present I made for my wife, a bedside lamp from a vegetable steamer. We were amazed by how good of a lamp it is, being able to open and close and also, it created amazing light textures around it and projected them all over the room at night. She could aim it right at her book and let me sleep in the dark.

After that we decided to take it seriously and work on designing it as a line of lamps. We sought and found the perfect steamer for the job, and made this hard wired model so it can be installed on a junction box. We developed a reflector and added long life energy efficient xenon bulb that gives a warm light color tone. We even filed a patent on the three dimensional aperture shade, and designed it’s packaging.

We offer this light in two finished:

Polished finish (see picture no. 5)
Brushed finish (see picture no. 4)

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