STENCIL farmhouse script stencil 18×4 reusable

STENCIL farmhouse script stencil 18×4 reusable
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Our stencils are reusable stencils for wood signs. Please read descriptions for detailed information. this is not a sign. My picture is a representation of this stencil. The sign is not for sale. The actual size of the stencil (edge to edge) will be 18″x4″. about the material: All stencils are cut on clear, 5 mil Mylar, which is a transparent, flexible sheet of plastic. 5 mil = 5-thousandths of an inch (0.005 inch). “Mil” is the gauge, not millimeters. 5 Mil is a very common stencil material. They are reusable stencils. They are not adhesive so you can use them more than once. They must be taped to your board using painter’s or masking tape.

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