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Stick Shelving System

Stick Shelving System
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Wooden sticks and joints of steel are the components that transform the versatile Stick System into a shelving system, a clothing rack and a worktable; interior elements of strong constructions that are easily assembled and offer multifunctional solutions for residential use.

The organic construction of Stick System is the creation of Czech designers Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus, who in recent years have earned recognition for their design philosophy.
“We wanted to create a clever and aesthetically beautiful design solution for a modern generation: Stick System can be extended and adapted to fit different spaces. It enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs”, comments Jan Plecháč.

Stick system is presented in various color combinations and wooden hues, and with maximum attention to detail, the combined wood and steel structure perfectly harmonizes with the chosen color palate for a clean, soft and light appearance they refer to as Soft Minimalism.

As an add-on to the shelving system, light steel plates work as mobile shelves for placing books, plates, lamps and other objects.
In a standard configuration, each “cubicle” is 23″ x 13.8″ x 11.5″ (x/y/z, frontal view).
Made of stained ash and powder-coated steel.

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