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Stomp Walkers Stilts

Stomp Walkers Stilts
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In the early 1800s, French shepherds from the Landes region developed what we now know as stilts to help them heard their sheep throughout the often muddy and mucky rural countryside.

We don’t think you need to raise sheep in order to use the Stomp Walkers stilts, but it surely couldn’t hurt…

Ever since those early stiltwalkers perfected the means for movement, stilts have been a classic play pattern. The Stomp Walkers can’t help but make you feel bigger and taller while stomping about with a big smile on your face.

These easy-to-assemble stilts make for a perfect gif, year-round for indoor or outdoor play.

Set includes 1 pair of Stomp Walkers.
Ages 6 and up.
Supports up to 100 pounds
Balance is easy with ultra-wide foot stands
Flexible and durable soft foam base is ideal for indoor/outdoor play

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