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Stoneware Growler

Stoneware Growler
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Designed with an appreciation for history and craft beer alike, the Big Swig invokes the idea of an old whiskey jug with a modern twist. A sturdy handle and frame make fills and pours easy as pie. Hand crafted using high-fire premium stoneware, this 64 oz. growler is an instant classic. The Big Swig, like each of our growlers, will keep your choice of brew nice and cold while protecting it from the elements.

Each Goose Creek Growler is poured by hand using clay in it’s liquid form (called “slip”). The growler is bisque fired first to stabilize the form, then glazed and fired again with your choice of finish (see below). Adding an image or logo? No problem. Select “The Big Swig 64 oz Growler with Your Image” from the Catalog and we’ll hook you up.

Sticking with the solid color? I don’t blame you…they look pretty sharp.


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