Stop Squirrels from Climbing to Bird Seed Squirrel Proof your

Stop Squirrels from Climbing to Bird Seed Squirrel Proof your
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All natural product – absolutely no chemicals – squirrel-slip has a heart (see pic) squirrel-slip was tested and featured in “does it work?” segment on NBC’s Boston Affiliate. Their conclusion: it works!! Google necnsquirrelslip to view results. Be Sure To Visit Our Other Great Gift Items For The Garden Now you can stop squirrels from climbing to your bird seed in a safe and effective way. a 100% natural product that is easily applied to round metal bird feeder poles. Folks who use wd-40, axle grease, vaseline and other petroleum based products are harming the animals and the environment. Odorless, rain resistant, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, biodegradable, and safe. Squirrels are smart. Once they realize it’s futile to try and make it up the pole, they will just settle for ground feeding. It’s a fact that most “squirrel proof” bird feeders still do not stop squirrels from climbing up poles and bothering the birds. squirrel-slip works! Make sure the pole is not within 10-15 feet of trees, hanging branches, structures, lawn furniture, or anything a squirrel can leap directly from and on to the feeder. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, we will gladly give you a 100% refund. Not for square metal poles. made in the usa 2 oz. Jar (also comes in 4 oz for $9.95)

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