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Strelka Flathead Screwdriver

Strelka Flathead Screwdriver
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The Strelka flathead screwdriver – sleek, contemporary, unique.
by Richard Chang for Strelka.
More than one adjustment, and more than one failure; it took Strelka more than 1,000 trials to craft out this ideal screwdriver.
Inspired by the lines and design of wooden tools from the 18th century, Strelka carefully drew out their screwdrivers. The shape of the tools isn’t a means to showcase their craftsmanship; rather, we just want to transform simple objects in our lives – screwdrivers can also be different.
Its metallic aesthetics and smooth lines take it out of the 18th century and bring it forward to the 21st century and beyond.
Made of Steel and Aluminum.

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