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Stringin’ It 3D Light Show

Stringin’ It 3D Light Show
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Can you imagine an amazing new invention that uses a simple piece of string with a lot of high-tech electronics to bring you an interactive hand-held (or table-top) light show experience? Presenting Stringin’ It: create and play with the most beautiful, hypnotic light illusions you have ever seen. There is no wrong or right way to do it – Just start Stringin’ it! Your eyes will not believe what they are seeing.

The optical illusions are mesmerizing, the colors so vivid they defy description, and all the shapes and dimensions are in total 3-D reality. Stringin’ It has 2 modes; Interactive and Demo. In the Interactive mode, Stringin’ It lets you create and play with different colors and string movements that control the magical illusions. In the Demo mode, sit back and enjoy the show. Stringin’ It will do it all. Be prepared to watch in amazement. No learning time needed – you can immediately start Stringin’ It! Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.

mesmerizing interactive 3-D light show
hand-held or tabletop optical illusion toy
user-controllable light colors and string movements
fun play in the dark
hypnotic, magical, multi-dimensional effects

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