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StylusFlex: Limitless Possibilities w/ your iPhone & Android

StylusFlex: Limitless Possibilities w/ your iPhone & Android
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Finally a sleek stand & stylus for your phone. Loop it to reach any part of your screen, and latch it for the perfect picture.

Screens are getting bigger, but our hands aren’t (guess evolution just can’t catch up to Moore’s Law)! Effortlessly reach any part of your screen by wrapping StylusFlex around your fingers.

Whether it’s watching YouTube videos of cats jumping 10 ft high, reading the news, or Skyping with family, it’s frustrating to lean your phone up against the ketchup you’re about to use and have it drop. Plug it in, bend it over, and enjoy your cat videos with your meal.

StylusFlex has a patented design providing for lossless capacity; meaning, every time it reaches the electrostatic grid of your touch screen, the screen will react precisely in the area of its touch without ever having to touch your screen twice. Gone are the days of repeatedly poking your screen with the stylus, waiting for it to react.
Benefits of using a stylus on a touch screen:

Precise touches – you’ve conquered autocorrect!
No smears – keep your screen clean.
Take notes – were you really about to use your finger in a meeting?
Drawing – finger painting is fun and all but…
Games – c’mon, they’re just more fun!
Busy cooking with saucy hands and can’t touch your screen.
Professional design applications.

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