Sumnacon Clear Crystal Ball Sphere

Sumnacon Clear Crystal Ball Sphere
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Sumnacon solar system crystal ball is so neat to hold it in your hand with 80mm/3 inch diameter. The planet balls are inset into a 2D plastic film disc imprinted with orbits and some moons. The planets are 3D. Then the entire assembly is encased in a glass orb. Timeless wonderment. Great quality and craftsmanship.

Our clear Solar System Crystal Ball stylishly displays all eight planets (Pluto not indluded) with their moons in their orbits around the Sun. Makes a great gift for anyone interested in space.

Now you can bring the solar system to your home, office or wherever you want display it
Idea for enjoying this Ball:

Idea for photography. – Great for taking pictures. Makes for interesting subject matter and unusual photos. Explore their more creative side in photography.

Idea for Display. – This classic clear crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room. Healing Power, perfect place in your office,living room or bedroom.

Idea for educational tool. – Best Educational ball for astronomers or anyone lover of space.

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