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Sunscreenr screen protection checker

Sunscreenr screen protection checker
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Sunscreenr™ is a viewer that shows you sunscreen coverage and protection. Waterproof, durable, ultra-portable, and simple to use.

We designed Sunscreenr™ to protect the ones we love. Both of our founders have watched family members struggle with skin cancer. We wanted to create a way to better protect our children and ourselves from sun damage.

How do you know if you’re protected?

There are 1 Million cases of skin cancer per year in the US alone, but sunscreen can significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer. Unfortunately, most people only apply 25% to 50% of the sunscreen they should. That’s where Sunscreenr comes in.

Sunscreenr is a special viewer that changes the way you protect yourself from sun damage. We’ve taken technology used by scientists and made it easy to see where your skin is covered by sunscreen and where it’s not.

Sunscreenr Sees Unprotected Skin. Sunscreenr shows you where you’ve missed a spot when applying sunscreen AND where sunscreen has worn off your skin even after sweating, swimming, or toweling off.


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