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Super Mario Bowser Puppet

Super Mario Bowser Puppet
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How great would it be to literally control Bowser like a puppet? You could blame so many things on him. Did he conveniently smash up that board game you were playing just as you were about to lose? Yup, all Bowser’s fault. He’s a sore loser. We’re working on it, but what are you gonna do, are we right?
Take control of King Koopa with this hand puppet. Move his mouth with your hand while doing your best Bowser impression… or worst impression. Both will probably be equally funny.

Officially-licensed Super Mario merchandise
Keep King Koopa tame on your hand as a plush puppet
Or blame him for smashing over the Jenga tower
Materials: Polyester fiber
Care Instructions: Surface washable
Dimensions: 11″ tall x 9″ wide x 7 1/2″ deep

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