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Super Mario Fridge Magnet Set

Super Mario Fridge Magnet Set
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Create and personalize your very own Super Mario levels with this Super Mario Bros. set of fridge magnet based on the classic and legendary video game.

Building your own game levels on Mario Maker is fun. Problem is, you’re going to have to get a Wii U to enjoy it – not exactly the easiest purchase when you spend most of your gaming time on other consoles and a high-powered PC. In the meantime, why not simulate a Mario Maker session in the kitchen with the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Fridge Magnets?

That’s right, it’s a fridge magnet set that consists of individual elements from the long-running game franchise, allowing you to make your own Mario level right on the fridge door. Granted, you can’t actually play it like you’d play a custom level on the game, but it does make adding useful magnets on the fridge a whole lot more fun.

Super Mario Fridge Magnet Kits comes with many individual pieces, so there’s a whole lot of things here to arrange on the fridge door, giving you a decent variety of options for your personalized game level.

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