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Super Mario Plush Cushion

Super Mario Plush Cushion
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Thwomps, known as Dossun in Japan, are large stone blocks, depicted as having angry-looking faces and clenched teeth. First appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3, they drop onto people as they walk under them. Thwomps have also appeared in other games, including the Mario Kart series, at Bowser’s Castle, Super Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, and Mario Kart Wii’s Thwomp Desert.

The latter contains a Giant Thwomp which is replaced by a Giant Pokey for online tournaments. Thwomps make yet another appearance in Super Mario Galaxy. A smaller version called Thwimp appears in some games. They look exactly like Thwomps except for jumping from left to right.

Imported from Japan
Cute and collectible
Perfect as a gift for all Super Mario fans
Limited availability
New and sealed inside retail packaging

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