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SureCall N-Range Vehicle Signal Booster

SureCall N-Range Vehicle Signal Booster
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SureCall N-Range is a cell phone signal booster for vehicles that delivers improved connectivity to a single device. N-Range installs in 3 simple steps to boost voice, text and 4G LTE signal strength for all cell carriers in North America. Using Extended Range Technology™, N-Range captures the signal outside of the vehicle, strengthens it to overcome cable loss and feeds the improved signal to the vent mount cradle designed to fit mobile devices of differing sizes. N-Range reduces dropped and missed calls, improves cellular data speeds and extends battery life in areas with very weak cell signals.

Extended Range Technology: A new patented technology that allows the N-Range to deliver more power than any other single user vehicle boosters by eliminating the signal loss in the cable between the external and internal antennas. This additional 2 – 4 dB essentially doubles the power and will help keep the user connected in fringe and spotty coverage areas and could be the difference between falling victim to a dead zone or being able to maintain connectivity.

Never drop a call while on the road again. Stop waiting for loading screens. No more searching for reception. Get faster internet & updates on your apps. Send emails and text messages with zero delay. Stream video & audio with little to no buffering.

More bars instantly.

Boosts 3G & 4G LTE for any car or vehicle for a single device.
Works for all phones & cellular devices, all North Amercia carriers.
Equipped with Extended Range Technology, the industry’s most powerful system for maximizing cellular reliability in vehicles
Quick and easy 3-step install and transferrable to any vehicle.
Industry best 3-year warranty and lifetime, 24/7 US-based tech support

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