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Survival Shoe Laces

Survival Shoe Laces
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Ask any outdoors man what’s the most important element of surviving the wilderness, and odds are, he’ll say redundancy in all things – if one tool fails, it’s essential to always have some sort of backup (and maybe even a backup for your backup). And that’s exactly what makes Flint Laces so vital: they give you an alternative means of making fire for when your matches get wet and your lighter won’t spark.

New Design Features:
Slimmer diameter Ferro tips fit in wide range of hiking boots, hunting boots, tactical boots and more
Each pair comes with (2) serrated striker knives designed for maximum spark production, and tinder shaving
Quick access flints – No need to cut your laces
Minimalist – Everything you need to keep your boots tied and start a fire, nothing more
Ideal for anyone that ventures into the back country or likes to be prepared for anything
Inspired by celebrity survivalists

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