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Sustainable capsule collection | 6 pieces = 30 outfits!

Sustainable capsule collection | 6 pieces = 30 outfits!
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Capsule collection | Create a months worth of outfits with 6 versatile pieces | Sustainable | Eco-friendly | Fair trade |

Calling all indecisive shoppers! Ever find yourself desperately searching for a new outfit; you’re not entirely sure what it is, but it has to be perfect? And when you eventually find the blouse of your dreams, you realise you don’t have anything to wear with it? So you end up buying a whole new set of clothes, just to fit the new blouse which you originally bought to jazz up the set of clothes you already have? Argh!

Capsule wardrobes are the new, easy way to plan your wardrobe whilst being eco-conscious and money savvy. With some careful planning and preparation, you can create a versatile, fashionable wardrobe with a limited number of clothes. It not only saves you money (and probably a lot of space!), it’s also a much more environmentally friendly way of shopping. You invest in a few key pieces and get good wear out of them, instead of succumbing to fast fashion. But there is one aspect of capsule wardrobes that puts most women off – the planning! Fear not! Honest-Rosie is here to help.

Honest-Rosie is a capsule wardrobe collection consisting of just 6 versatile pieces, with which you can create 30 outfits! We’ve done all the hard work and planning for you. It couldn’t be easier – you are guaranteed to have a collection of clothes that work beautifully together and can be worn for all occasions. Hassle free and fashionable.

The pieces consists of:

1. A pair of (Ann) trousers: € 69

2. (Mary) Tunic with a detailed bow: € 79

3. (Mila) Button down blouse: € 79

4. (Lily) Skirt (also a dress): € 79

5. (Nola) Sweater with a V-Neck and boat neck: € 89

6. (Rosie) Blazer (can also be worn as a dress): € 119

(There are also some descent discounts for the Early Birds. You’ll find more information when you scroll down)

On top of that, Honest-Rosie only creates sustainable, eco-friendly & fair trade clothing – our collection is kind to your wallet, to people and to the environment! Employees are paid a fair wage and work in safe, healthy conditions.

Each item is made from pre-consumer, upcycled fabrics. These are leftovers from factories that were destined for landfill. By giving these materials a second chance at life, we reduce the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry. This makes the collection more sustainable, as there is no need to grow or manufacture new materials. It really is sustainable fashion – beautiful clothing born from waste fabric.

And on top of all this, this collection is designed to last a lifetime. The fabrics are manufactured to a very high quality and the pieces are timeless classics, designed to last multiple seasons and remain fashionable. Each one has been carefully thought through to make you feel feminine and elegant and whilst remaining on trend.

Gone are the days when you stare hopelessly at your bulging wardrobe, desperately trying to dream up something to wear. With this collection, you will be ready in minutes and you can be sure you will always look beautiful.

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