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SWAGTRON Spectra Pro AI Electric Penny Skateboard

SWAGTRON Spectra Pro AI Electric Penny Skateboard
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FIRST A.I. e-BOARD – The SenDeck’s 5 sensors & 3D Posture Control learn & adjust to your movements for the smoothest rides
FAST BRAKING – As one of the fastest braking systems today, the nickel board’s dual MagBrakes shorten braking distance by 47%

APP CONTROL – Skate wirelessly with the app & take control of speed, activate the lock, use the Pedal to Go Mode & more!
POWERHOUSE – With a 90-120 min charge time, this penny board lets you adventure for an unrivaled 12.4 miles at up to 15.5 mph
COMPACT TANK – The supercar-grade carbon fiber unibody carries up to 187.4 lbs, weighs just 12.5 lbs & fits in a backpack!

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