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Swan Soup Ladle

Swan Soup Ladle
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This ladle is very cute and really does resemble a swan, It sits upright, on a matching saucer and really looks like a swan swimming in the water when sits on the saucer! (But not float in water)
The handle is curved like a swan neck with the head at the top of the handle. The curve in the handle makes it easier to use.

This swan ladle has saucer to keep it upright in pots, After serving, either stand or lay the ladle on the plate to keep the surface of your stove or countertop clean . Both pieces are easily cleaned by washing in warm soapy water.

Made out of Sturdy,thick,durable,Food Safe Grade Plastic, Can be used for stews, Chilies, sausage/bean soups and Punch bowls, Heat resistant to 400°F / 204°C.
It is a great gift for a women or man. It is a decorative piece that is also very functional. The ladle is designed to look like a beautiful swan,Unique, elegant and cute handle, it will make your kitchen more funny and beautiful.

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