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Sweat Proof Crew Neck Micro Modal Undershirt

Sweat Proof Crew Neck Micro Modal Undershirt
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“Light, fits well, and you honestly can’t tell that there’s any extra padding – very comfortable.”- Luke, May 2016

You want a dry dress shirt so you look and feel your best but there is just one problem, you sweat. You’re left with wet patches under your arms because your antiperspirant can’t hack it. Not to mention the yellow stains that have destroyed shirt after shirt. You’ve waited long enough to feel dry and confident.

The Ejis sweat proof undershirt was engineered from the ground up specifically for the exeptional man who wants an unfailing, discreet solution to sweat marks and bad odor. Join the thousands of men who are now able to wear what they want because of their Ejis undershirts. Wearble confidence is only a click away!

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