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Syphon Flexible Sound Wrap Speakers

Syphon Flexible Sound Wrap Speakers
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An ultra-thin, soft, flexible, stereo sound system for your helmet, beanie or whatever else you put on your head.
The Soundwrap has two strips of Velcro on the back of it that makes it easy to put in, and take out of, your helmet. No installation is necessary.

The black bluetooth box has a port that you can use to plug in any standard auxiliary chord.

The Soundwrap can exceed 100dbs. In other words…it’s insanely loud. Inside the “black box” is the battery, bluetooth chip, and amplifiers for the speakers.

Boasts great sound quality! The primary feature of the Soundwrap is that it is the most comfortable sound system on the planet. It is also engineered to give you loud and clear sound while riding. Loud situations, like riding a snowmobile, dirtbike, or on the slopes, have high levels of low frequency sound waves that can make it difficult to hear your tunes clearly.

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