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T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit

T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit
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T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit
The DIY Print Shop Original T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit will bring all your T-Shirt ideas to life and can turn fun into profit. Whether youre an amateur screen printer, starting a small business, or simply screen printing for fun, the DIY Print Shop Original T-Shirt Kit is Made To Make It happen.

The user-friendly DIY Print Shop Original T-Shirt Kit is equipped with all of the essential ultra-premium tools needed to make high-quality screen prints. The T-Shirt Kit includes: a rock-solid screen printing press, engineered to handle loads of T-Shirts; an instructional DVD, designed to teach you how to print like a pro; eco-friendly ink, formulated to create crisp screen prints; eco-friendly cleaners, developed to make cleanup easy and safe; and a perfectly sized squeegee, to push ink smoothly across the durable pre-stretched screen.

Your DIY T-Shirt Kit is jamm-packed with all of this superb Do It Yourself awesomeness:
DIY Starter Press with 14×14 in. platen for DIY screen printing your t-shirts.
Wood Screen 16×20 in. 156 Mesh for printing your image.
UV Bulb for exposing your screen.
A 10 in. 70 durometer squeegee.
S 11 in. Scoop Coater.

Roll of 2 in. x 15 yd. screen tape for taping your screen.
CCI WBP Emulsion pint for screen creation.
Light safe bulb for darkroom environment.
A 8 oz. Green Galaxy Pitch Black water based ink for printing on shirts.
A 8 oz. Sgreen Degreaser for cleaning screens.
A 8 oz. Sgreen Emulsion Stripper.
A 2 oz. Pallet adhesive for tacking your shirt in place.

One Red scrub pad for cleaning your screens.
Four pairs of disposable latex gloves for print clean up.
A pack of 10 Ultimate cleanup cards.
Two sheets of 16 x 24 in. parchment paper for curing shirts with an iron.
A 10 pack of Rite Film WP film .
DIY Instructional DVD and manual for easy instructional follow.

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