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Tagg Pet Tracker

Tagg Pet Tracker
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Tagg Pet Tracker – GPS Pet Tracker and GPS Dog Tracker System Runaway pets won’t stay lost for long when they are wearing the Tagg Pet Tracker. This purpose-built pet tracking device uses GPS and wireless technology to help you track your pet’s location as well as activity level.

With the Tagg GPS dog tracker, you can monitor your pet’s location, receive notification if there is an escape and easily track where your pet has gone. Your pet wears the lightweight and water-resistant Tagg Pet Tracker right on the collar you already have. If your dog gets out of your home without you, you receive an alert via text or email. The GPS dog tracker syncs with your computer or mobile device to help you pinpoint exactly where you pet is, even showing you the route taken.

Tagg’s GPS dog tracker can not only help you find a lost pet: it can monitor your pet’s activity level at home. Use the Tagg Pet Tracker to record and compare your dog’s activity level over the course of the day or from day to day, tracking for long-term trends. Veterinarians recommend that dogs get between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise per day. Share your findings with your vet to help set daily exercise goals and determine if more activity is required.

You can use the Tagg GPS pet tracker system for either your dog or your cat as long as your pet weighs 10 lbs. or more. The lithium ion battery in the tracker can last up to 30 days depending on use; charge as needed using the convenient docking station. Every year, more than 10 million pets are lost from homes. Keep your pet from becoming a statistic with a GPS pet tracker like Tagg. The easy-to-use system lets you monitor your pet using your computer or mobile device.
Text and email alerts
Proactive health monitoring charts
3 months of service included
Free Tagg app for iPhone and Android
Designed for pets over 10 lbs.

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