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Takara Tomy Beer Dispenser

Takara Tomy Beer Dispenser
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For brew enthusiasts, having the perfect beer head is a necessary element to their drinking experience. There are several different factors that go into achieving the perfect head. The shape and cleanliness of the glass. The type of brew being poured. The pour itself also lends a hand, though for some, pouring out of a can gives them less control than they’d like. Sure you could give up on cans all together and only go to your local pub, but there’s another solution.

With the Beer Hour Beer Dispenser, happy hour comes home to you. This innovative gadget by Takara Tomy allows you to achieve a draft pour from a can! Simply pop the top of the can, and slide it into the Beer Hour. Use the spout to pour into your favorite mug, glass, or chalice with a perfectly frothy head. As beer should be!

Once only available in Japan from the popular design group Tomy, now everyone Stateside can enjoy their canned adult beverages like a fine craft brew in a glass. Want a perfect beer head ratio? You can do it with this nifty gadget in the comfort of your own home.

Works with Japanese and American beer cans 350-500ml.

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