Take Better Selfies Lens Kit

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Video killed the radio star, and for the last decade the smartphone has been casually exterminating the digital camera. But despite the best efforts of Apple and Samsung, (and the others, er… Oneplus?) smartphone cameras are still lacking in the creativity department. The kind of creativity that can only be unlocked by switching lenses – and this is where our Take Better Selfies Lens Kit works its magic. This pocket-sized kit comes with 5 quality clip-on lenses: Fish Eye – Capture a vast and distorted 198 field of view for abstract portraits and striking panoramas Wide-angle Lens – Increases your camera’s field of view to 130 so you can fit all your pals in the shot Macro Lens – It’s time for your close up. An impressive 15x magnification lets you capture the smallest nuances in flowers, bank notes, eyeballs etc. Telescopic – Get twice as close to the action and use the shallower depth of field to make your subject stand out from the background Circular Polarising Lens (cpl) – Your new secret weapon that removes unwanted glare and reflections from water or glass Unleash the full creative potential of your smartphone (and your imagination), just clip them over your existing camera lens and get experimenting.

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