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Tape Cassette Dining Table

Tape Cassette Dining Table
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Custom made dining table to your specification, the Tape Cassette Dining Table can be made into any old mix tape you have from your retro back-ground from the 1950’s – 1960, 1980’s Rock. 1988 acid house music mix Dj tapes from old rave to the 1990’s era.

We can add your personal choice, any colour. We can even put your business logo on it.

Handmade from wood with powder coat finish and hand sprayed with high grade car paint, this is one funky Tape Cassette Dining Table.

The tape is pure satin, all 120 meters long with working wheels, if you are mad enough to wind it through you can do this.

The metal screws are real, they hold the body together. Built on hairpin steel legs.

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