Tayto the Couch Potato Night Light

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Meet your new lockdown hero – Tayto the Couch Potato Night Light. An adorable potato-shaped light in the darkness, a cute and dumpy companion that celebrates the simple joy of staying indoors and doing nothing much at all. While you’re curled up in your PJs, binge-watching another Netflix series, ordering takeaway for the fourth day in a row (living the dream) – he’ll be there by your side, adding his own brand of soft and lazy lighting to the scene. He’s touch-sensitive and made from super squishy silicone so you can just give him a gentle tap or prod to switch between three different levels of brightness. And because he runs on a rechargeable battery you can keep him powered up with the included usb cable and pop him on the sofa next to you. Aww. Thank you couch potato!

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