Temperature Controllable Coffee Mug

Temperature Controllable Coffee Mug
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  • all day temperature control: You never have to worry about drinking your coffee or tea at anything less than the perfect temperature ever again. Cauldryn’s battery pack provides power for all day temperature control. You can even plug it in.
  • ‘choose your favorite temperature: Cauldryn allows you to choose between 135, 145, 170, or 205 degrees for your drink. Whether you want to drink the perfect cup of coffee, brew your tea, or heat up your soup, Cauldryn has the perfect setting for you.’, “boil water using battery power: Cauldryn’s battery packs enough punch to allow you to boil water right in the bottle with our the need to a plug in or fire.
  • ’emergency preparedness: Cauldryn allows you to boil water, cook food, and charge your usb powered devices when the power is out.
  • perfect for the outdoors: Cauldryn is a great companion for cooking, water sterilization, or just a good hot beverage for those weekend excursions.
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