The Airhook

The Airhook
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UNIVERSAL DEVICE HOLDER – Supports cell phones & tablets up to 8.5 inches tall and has an Adjustable Angle for reclined seats.
BEVERAGE SUPPORT – Holds your airline cup, can, or bottle (up to 16 ounces) without the need to put down your tray table or lose all of your knee space.
COMPACT – Your Airhook folds down to the size of a wallet (5.5″ tall x 3.5″ wide x 1″ thick) and comes with an included Canvas Carrying Bag for easy carry-on storage.
HANDS-FREE ENTERTAINMENT – Perfect for parents flying with children or anyone who wants to watch their device at eye level.
GOODBYE TRAY TABLE SURFACE – Avoid the #1 germ catcher on an airplane, the surface of your tray table!

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