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The Bio-Orb

The Bio-Orb
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The Bio-Orb is spectacular when swirled at night. The natural light produced by the PyroDinos (living algae) in the Bio-Orb is called bioluminescence.

The Large Bio-Orb is the biggest Bio-Orb available and will light up naturally, night after night, with minimal care. The Bio-Orb requires moderate daytime lighting (artificial or natural light). The living PyroDinos in the Bio-Orb are natural marine plankton (algae) that are found in oceans all over the world. These plankton utilize light to grow (like a plant) and they light up at NIGHT when gently swirled or moved.

What’s included:

>One six-inch (15cm) diameter glass sphere (flat bottom)

>Two pouches of PyroDinos dinoflagellates 14oz (400ml)

>DinoNutrients 7oz (200ml)

>Cork and/or a silicone stopper

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