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The City Clock

The City Clock
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Finally, a clock for techies who are also poets. The City Clock combines old world charm—a miniature wooden house modeled on a Parisian Haussmannian building—with binary clock technology. The time is read based on the illuminated windows in the house: each window in the vertical rows corresponds to a number starting from the first floor: 1, 2, 4 and 8. When the numbers in each vertical row are added up, the time is determined based on a digital time setting (military time format). Example: Starting from the left, the first floor window is lit (1), in the second row the second floor is lit (2) equally 12. Third row, the third floor window is lit (4) and the last row, the top floor is lit (8). So the time is 12:48.

To customize the time settings to display U.S. 12-hour time via a coding program, you can download Arduino software. With this software, you can also choose a version that displasy hours only during the night, and a setting to turn off the clock automatically between midnight and 8am. Powered by included USB cable. Made in France of plywood and digital lighting components.

The clock arrives flat and is easily assembled with glue and a cotton swab (not included)

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