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The City Print by Wlop

The City Print by Wlop
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Wang Ling, aka Wlop, is a digital artist who specializes in digital painting and illustration. From lifelike cityscapes to surreal fantasy portraits, his artworks are diverse in theme, yet recognizable in style. Wlop excludes the use of bright colors in the beginning stages of creation. He focuses rather on dark and light greys, and even more so on the planning of where he’ll introduce brighter colors as the work progresses.

Light therefore plays an important role in the outcome of each of Wlop’s artworks; it draws attention towards distant focal points and allows for 3D perspective. Rough brushstrokes give his images a relaxed feel, even in the most impressive of settings such as at sea or amid busy city streets. Based out of China, Wlop’s artworks inspire an international audience as they are continually featured on blogs and used in tutorial reviews.

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