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The Dark Knight Trilogy RC Tumbler

The Dark Knight Trilogy RC Tumbler
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The Dark Knight Trilogy RC Tumbler is fully controlled by the most advanced mobile app.

It not only makes the car run but also controls cockpit and spoiler movements.

16 super bright LEDs, Power-Jet mode plus special engine sound and visual effects.

Night vision camera for video and photo shooting, voice intercom, a 1:12 Batman which features 26 points of articulations, remote control LED display platform.

As a collective item or simply a playing toy, the Tumbler also reaches the highest degree of pro.

Driving mode app interface is made to look like the Tumbler driving board in the movie.

Attack mode app interface imitates the driving board display during the Tumbler attack mode.

App controllable Jet-Power mode to boost up speed by 30% with movie-like Red and Blue LED light and Jet-power sound effects.

2100mAH Li-On battery, 40 minutes recharging time for up to 1.5 Hours play time.

25 x high power LED lights.

Approximately 600pcs of components.

L 37cm x W 24cm x H 24c

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