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The Dino Sphere

The Dino Sphere
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The Dino Sphere is a living, interactive, objet d’art that photosynthesizes during the day and glows brilliantly when swirled at night. The natural blue light emitted by the Dino Sphere is bioluminescence, produced by thousands of tiny marine plankton called dinoflagellates. The Dino Sphere is BioPop’s salute to nature, a solar powered glass showcase of one of our world’s most extraordinary phenomena. The Dino Sphere can be displayed on a desk, counter, shelf or anywhere that receives moderate light during daytime hours.

The Dino Shere is living. Filled with thousands of of non-toxic Marine Plankton called Dinoflagellates
The Dino Sphere arrives with 1 full Spout Pouch (200ml) of living Dinoflagellates
Bioluminescent dinoflagellates will emit natural blue light at NIGHT when SHAKEN in the DARK
10cm clear glass semi-sphere with a flat bottom and small hole on top
Orders ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (2-3 day Priority) and should be opened upon arrival

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