The Dragon

The Dragon
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Make their childhood magical! This luxury playhouse will delight that special child in your life, as well as their friends, no matter the weather. It is insulated, wired, and even heated, giving them a play-space outside of the house, 12 months a year. This playhouses is loaded and ready to be delivered to your backyard. i wanted to design something truly over-the-top. i began sketching a dragon. i wanted a swooping roof line, like a dragon’s wings frozen in a downbeat. The hand-carved cedar dragon head and tail complete this effect, and yes, those are genuine Texas longhorns coming out of its head (real dragon horns are very hard to find on Ebay.) The swoop in the shake roof is echoed by the swoop in the No. 1 cedar sidewall shingles. i have dreams of installing this on top of a similarly curved stone foundation, but that would be up to the buyer. Since the floor foundation is constructed of pressure treated wood, it could conceivably rest on a level lawn. But stone…curvy stone… The playhouse is constructed just like any house, with insulated 2×4 walls – insulated because it gets cold in the winter! So there is a Broan wall heater (wired with a safety shut-off switch 52″ off the floor) and double-paned windows, which are tempered for safety. There are three arch-topped stained glass windows as well – two up top, and one in the 1 3/4″ solid ash arch-top door. The door has figured maple panels and is finished with a marine grade boat varnish for durability. The door doesn’t lock, because why would you want a playhouse door to lock?

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