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The Eagle By CAB Motorworks – The Ultimate Electric Bike

The Eagle By CAB Motorworks – The Ultimate Electric Bike
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The Ultimate Mix of Performance, Durability, and Value for a High Powered Electric Bike.

Introducing the Eagle by CAB Motorworks!

The Commuter
Ever wanted to quit paying for gas and ditch that commute with the other million rats in the race? Well, the Eagle is for you, as you can zoom through the traffic and have fun on your way to work or where ever you are headed.

The Stealth Rider
Ever wanted to turn your local park into an impromptu vintage dirtbike track? Then the Eagle is for you, with it’s silent operation you can be in stealth mode wherever you are.

The Dirtbiker
Tired of loading your dirtbike up and trekking for hours in the truck to get to where you want to ride, well your worries are over. Head out the door on your Eagle and down your street to closest open area and let her rip!

The Solo Downhiller
Tired of having to find someone to shuttle you up your favorite downhill, not to worry the Eagle comes to your rescue and helps you shuttle yourself back up.

Clean and Green
Tired of dealing with looking for a parking spot, then take your Eagle and stop worrying about it, while helping to create a cleaner environment at the same time.

The Workhourse
Need to patrol a large area and/or respond with speed and have no effect on the general proximity, the Eagle can meet your needs, with the ability to connect a voltage regulator and thus any equipment requiring electrical power with a huge power source.

The Pitbiker
Need to get around the pits or any other large area like your college campus quickly and quietly while being green, the Eagle can take you there without disruption.
10KW of peak power is enough to climb almost anything!!!!

Most electric bikes are wound for speed, providing very little acceleration or hill climbing capability, not the Eagle!The Eagle is capable of doing a wheelie off the line and tackling almost any hill or incline thrown at it, while still being able to hit speeds of 50 mph.

The Lithium Ion Battery
The Lithium Ion Battery is the heart of the Eagle, and is comprised of the latest technology lithium cells on the market today. The 72 Volt 35 Amp Hour battery uses Panasonic 18650 GA cells, which are the highest in energy density available today. The combination of 200 of these cells wired in series and parallel is what makes up the battery pack for a total energy rating of over 2500 watt hours crushing the capacity of any other ebike. With this level of energy density the Eagle is capable of 75+ miles of range with no pedaling on a single charge while holding about 20 miles per hour, and can do close to 100 miles at 15 mph.The battery is built into a steel sheet metal box that is hard mounted into the cavity of the Eagle to provide the ultimate in protection. The battery is rated for over 800 cycles and is easily replaceable when the next power level of cells are released. The Eagle comes standard with a high power 8 amp charger that will charge the battery in approximately 4 hours, and plugs into a standard 110 Volt household plug. The Eagle is capable of over 4000 Watts in regenerative braking, which can substantially increase your range, particularly if there are hills or many starts and stops in your ride.

The Flight Deck
The Eagle is all business at the controls. Hydraulic Ebike Brakes, Cycle Analyst Display, Motorcycle Throttle, and a 3 position switch makes for a nice clean view from the saddle or the street.

Power Management
Three Position Switch
The three posistion switch allows for three distinct power and speed control levels to be selected. In position #1 the power is limited to 749 Watts and the speed is governed to 20 mph. In this position the vehicle meets all of the federal requirements to be an electrically assisted bicycle, which can go anywhere any other bicycle can go. In position #2 half of the 10kw are available and speed is only limited by power, which is for off road use only. In position #3 you get the full 10kw of power and around 50 mph of top speed, which is for off road use only.

Cycle Analyst
The latest version of the most powerful Electric Vehicle Computer on the market. The Cycle Analyst V3 is not only capable of delivering every parameter you need, like Speed, Volts, Amps, Distance, Watts, Amp-Hours, Watt-Hours per Mile, etc., but it is also capable of controlling the electric vehicle drivetrain. Combined with sensors like the three position switch, thermo-couples, and hall effect sensor, the Cycle Analyst is able to monitor and control the Motor, the controller, the throttle, and the brakes, making every system on the bike work in unison.

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