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The Lumin8 Healing Oracle

The Lumin8 Healing Oracle
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The Lumin8 Healing Oracle is a powerful tool.
(Re)discover in yourself, the natural magic and energetic resources we can and should combine with Western Medicine for our well being.
During my healing journey with breast cancer, I combined radiation, surgery and the tools I refer to in the Lumin8 Healing Oracle.
Gain wisdom and support from the unseen.Healing is not about whether or not you die.
Healing is about how well you live.

What You Get/How You Can Help

The Deck

With your intuition is your primary guide, I invite and assist you to explore the many ways you can use it. The Lumin8 Healing Oracle can be used as a healing, divination and self-exploration tool. It can be used by anyone, whether they are professional alternative practitioners themselves or desire a deeper level of self-awareness.

The deck is a full 55 card boxed set. The cards will be high quality 3.5″ x 5” cards with rounded corners. The 55 images will be borderless.

The deck is available to those who donate $55 or more.

The Book

The full sized 5.5” x 8.5” book is an abbreviated version of the actual program. It comes complete with exercises. There are fourteen chapters that simple yet powerful, “how to’s”, insights, and resources.

The book and deck will be available to those who donate $75 or more. Chapter topics include:

Intro to Alternative Healing
4 Levels of Awareness
Energy Mapping: An Intuitive Technique
Advanced Work with Chakras & Energy Bodies
Energy Laws & How to Break Them (Cords, Contracts, Curses and Bindings)
Intuitive use of Shape & Color
Intuitive use of Elements
Plant Spirit Energy *This chapter was not in the original program.
The Program

The 7 week on-line program Lumin8 Healing Oracle Program will initially be taught live. (The sessions will be recorded so they can be accessed for future donation, purchases and reference.) The live webinar sessions are exciting because you can ask questions, which will be addressed on the call. Each session is between 60 – 75 minutes, and ALWAYS includes an intuitive process.

“My “Aha Moment ” was recognizing that each Chakra carries energy from the one “below” and “above”: that Space in between needs attention.” ~ Desiree S. Donor, Teacher & Participant New Jersey

The class is currently scheduled for January 2017, and will be available to those who donate $150 or more. *Book and deck delivered separately.

Life is magical when you understand what Gina is teaching. Everything is energy and can be manipulated by our intention. This means that truly life is only limited by what we can imagine and we have all kinds of energetic tools at our disposal. Recently, a client didn’t like her “attitude toward money” program. But she did like a coworker’s. And so I uninstalled her program, made a copy of his program and installed it in her field. That was a couple of week’s ago. Today she told me she is shocked at how she has the same kind of confidence this guy has! ~ Sundi B. Donor, Participant, & Practicing Healer North Carolina

The Live Event

The Live Event will be nothing short of AMAZING! Here, you’ll get a chance to experience your Lumin8 Healing Oracle with yourself and others, reviewing and applying what you learned in the book and on-line. This event will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina in October 2017, and will be open to 70 backers who donate $500 or more.

“My biggest “aha” moment came during the energy laws section. Bindings, even those created by loved ones, can be very powerful. Clearing your energy field often is very important. A great teacher inspires… Job well done!​” ~ Gina G Donor, Participant, North Carolina

“I absolutely am loving this course and so excited to be a part of it! I really enjoy the way that you deliver your information and the class was so filled with lots and lots of great “stuff”…Carolyn T. Donor, Participant & Healer Hawaii

Reward Summary

Donations of $10 or more are awarded a signed thank you postcard featuring The Star Element, known for accomplishing purification of physical matter through spiritual truth and spiritual truth to form physical matter.
The Lumin8Healing Oracle deck & signed postcard are awarded to those who donate $55 or more.
The full sized 5.5” x 8.5” Lumin8 Healing Oracle book, deck and signed star postcard, will be awarded to those who donate $75 or more.
The 7 Week on-line Lumin8 Healing Oracle Program, Healing Oracle Book, and Healing Oracle Deck will be awarded to those who donate $250 or more.
The 2-Day LIVE Lumin8 Healing Oracle Event (Yup! Hands on support with me as your Guide) AND all the other goodies (postcard, deck, book and Lumin8 Healing Oracle 7-week on-line Program) are awarded to those who donate $500 or more (*Space is limited to 70)
Donations of $750 or more you get all of the above for you AND a friend! (*Again – Space for the live event is limited to 70).

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