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The No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

The No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror
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Used by professional auto racers, police officers and municipal crews, the ALLVIEW panoramic rearview mirror eliminates dangerous blind spots, giving you a better view of the traffic around you. With standard side and rear view mirrors, you see three separate and interrupted pictures of the road behind you.

Panoramic rearview mirrors reveal a complete, seamless view–right, left, and center–that is free from distortion and nighttime glare. ALLVIEW panoramic mirror clips easily to current rearview mirror, and is shatterproof and vibration free. The ALLVIEW panoramic mirror helps you drive safer, reducing accidents and relieving fatigue. ” Without a doubt, blind spot mirrors help you negotiate your way through traffic and changing lanes with better vision.

But these panoramic rearview mirrors also help you keep a closer watch on your back seat, as well. With the ALLVIEW, you can keep tabs on traveling kids, nosy pets, and fragile cargo with greater vision than ever before. 15 3/4″ w x 2″ h. Panoramic rearview mirrors make a great gift! Put these easy-to-install blind spot mirrors in all your vehicles and make sure every driver in your family drives with full awareness. Take the guesswork out of merging and changing lanes. Order your ALLVIEW panoramic mirror today and drive with greater confidence!

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