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The Omni 2.0 – 8-in-1 Deluxe Smoking Tool

The Omni 2.0 – 8-in-1 Deluxe Smoking Tool
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How many times have you “lost” your lighter? How many ash smudges have made their way to your jeans or lighter from packing your product down?

How many times have you gone to clear your glass and realized your cheeks were going to burst if you keep blowing? You search frantically for something to clear it and find your friend’s keys (you’ll explain later, we’re sure).

What about a grinder? And how do you deal with that glass piece your buddy has that needs a screen, but they never have one? Do you enjoy watching your product go down the proverbial bowl?

Omni’s features:

-Removable press – no more dirty lighters/fingers means you can enjoy your lighter or Cheetos sans ash residue

-Removable scraper – keep your gear clean and shiny so the product always tastes great

-Removable pick – clear those pesky clogs with elegance and grace

-Emergency-use screen holder (because we all have “that friend” who doesn’t quite know how to buy smoking gear)

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