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The Otto Grill

The Otto Grill
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STEAKHOUSE HOT, STEAKHOUSE FAST: The extreme temperatures you’ll achieve on an Otto Steak Grill create a wonderful crust on your steak, a crust that literally seals in the moisture and flavor. The Otto 1500°F Steak Grill is the only grill that is able to reproduce premium steakhouse steaks in your own backyard!
DUAL OVERFIRE BURNERS ARE INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE, NOT JUST ON/OFF: The two OverFire radiant burners are fully and independently adjustable giving you the ability to dial up precisely the temperature required for whatever steak or other food you wish to cook

AWARD-WINNING GERMAN ENGINEERING: German engineering is synonymous with elegant, functional design and unrivaled performance. Not only is the Otto Steak Grill an authentic German-engineered product, it is an award-winning German-engineered product, having won the prestigious 2018 German Design Award! TESTED AND APPROVED BY PAT LAFRIEDA: The Original Otto 1500°F Steak Grill is tested and approved by America’s most celebrated butcher in the meat business – Pat LaFrieda himself !

SMOOTH MOVE GRATE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM ENSURES RELIABLE ADJUSTABILITY: Using Otto’s Clever Lever, adjusting the grate’s height is remarkably smooth and reliably safe. The Clever Lever is also used to lift out the cast iron cooking grate. Oh, and the Clever Lever is smartly fitted with a handy bottle opener, too!
REMOVABLE GRILL TOP GUARANTEES “IT’S THAT EASY?!” CLEAN-UP: Unique and remarkable is that with the flip of two latches, the entire top section of the Otto grill fully detaches giving you unparalleled cleaning access. Otto’s “It’s That Easy?!” clean up makes cleaning easier than ever!

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